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Outline of New Safety Standard(DRAFT) For Public Comment


The Japan Society of Maintenology (JSM) is established October, 2003 and is still in early period of growth. The society is currently as small as 500 members including 60 corporate members. We are efficiently and professionally working on our activities such as on various seminars, international symposium, lecturing, and contracted researches.

As for the principles of the society, we are to serve developing and advancing of useful technology for the maintenance business of a large facility. We are promoting activities to solve important issues such as securing the safety and long-life steel structure, as importance of maintenance is emphasized globally. Activities of the society have been mainly on a nuclear-related area until now, but we will steadily include activities for non nuclear-related industry as well. The theoretical systematization of maintenance is for maintenology to be established. In the systematization process, first, a structure of maintenance is analyzed in a linguistic view such as selection principle, projection principle, and connection principle. It is our intent to utilize the results from the above analysis in order to makes it to substantiate development of technology/optimized maintenance methodology. These comprehensive knowledge and information resulted from the systematization are integrated in the concept of the virtual plant that keeps chronological deterioration data. This systematization is to be used for optimization of the rational maintenance plan, that is to use the concept of the virtual maintenance carried out in a virtual plant, and to advance technologies for maintenance and safety assessment. We envisage clearly that these activities will be the core of maintenance revolution, which will evolve largely from now on. The following items, optimization of maintenance plan relying on virtual maintenance, maintenance technology and safety assessment technology to be advanced are JSM’s challenge.

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